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We have expanded our area of working under various categories like retail, dispensing, home delivery and medical supplies to various organizations, corporate houses, government institutions, etc.

   We export personal orders against your prescription copy (sent by either fax or      email). We have patients spanning the globe, from countries in Europe to      America and Canada, as well as in the African continent. For any inquiries, please      visit our inquiry page or send us an email at mail@royalchemists.com.

We also cater to bulk orders for generic finished formulations (ready medicines),      as well as Bulk Drugs (APIs). Our strength is our selection of suppliers – we pride      ourselves on working with only the best manufacturers in terms of product      quality and delivery schedules.


   Our retail business is in a period of consolidation and improvement, moving in the    direction of a mutual alliance between retailer and customer. Over 1000 products    are introduced in the market every year, each with their own form and formulation.

   New initiatives such as:

   Diversification of product categories to include household and personal care       items,
   Customer loyalty programs,
   Customer database management,
   Monthly order bookings for periodic customer requirements have been activated      to maximize customer benefit through inclusive business processes.


   Our dispensing section was established in 1944, along with the inception of the    shop, when there were hardly any dispensing pharmacies in India. Today, we can    proudly say that we rank as one of the best dispensing chemists in the country,    recommended by:

   Leading Cosmetologists and Dermatologists (Skin Specialists),
   Trichologists (Hair Specialists),
   ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) Specialists and Pediatricians etc.

  Corporate Supply:

   A number of large institutions are amongst our clientele, which include industrial    families such as

   Corporate Houses:

   ICICI Bank,
   CEAT Tyres,
   Mahindra & Mahindra,
   Toyop Relief,

   Shipping companies:

   ABG Shipyard,
   Nortans Shipping,
   SNP Shipping,
   Seamarine Ship Supply,
   Ebrahim Mullah,
   Worldwide Offshore,
   Chellaram Shipping
   Mercator Shipping


   Dhirubhai Ambani International School,
   Kenya Airways,
   Oman Consulate,
   Siro Clinpharm
   Family Planning Institute of India.
It is the quality of our products and service that ensures client satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on this fact.
  Home Delivery Section:

   This is a relatively recent addition to our business. We aim to provide our    customers with medicines delivered at their doorstep, ensuring that they get their    regular supply of drugs at the right times.
   Our focus is on providing consistent quality of service and goods to our customers,    which would be facilitated through database management of our customers’    regular monthly requirements. For this, join our Customer Service Program –    Medicare
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