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With a 150-year history of connecting people when it matters most, Western Union continues to shape the world in which we live. Western Union offers one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world.

 To send money

   At your closest service point, fill out the Western Union "To Send Money" form.
   Give the form, transfer money, your proof of identification and fee to your      Western Union location agent.
   The location agent will give you a receipt with your Money Transfer Control       Number (MTCN). The same moment, the key is available to be cashed by the      recipient at a different place on earth. Everything is done with precision,      convenience and security.
   Telephone the recipient and relay the information required to collect the money

 To receive money

   At your closest service point, fill out the Western Union "To Receive Money" form      including the sender's name and the amount sent.
   Give the form and your proof of identification to the Western Union location      agent.
   The Western Union location agent will supply the transfer money and a receipt.


   Western Union permits only one transaction to be paid in a single day to single      individual and maximum of 12 transactions in the same calendar year to any      particular individual.
   Transactions that emanate from other than individuals for example,      organizations / firms / companies, etc., will NOT be put through; Transactions      payable to the organizations / firms also will NOT be put through.
   In case of transaction pertaining to foreign national, only passport as an ID is      acceptable; and here transactions can be put through only if, he holds a valid      VISA. Expired VISA / Passport will be disconsidered.
   In case the transaction amount exceeding Rs. 50,000, it can only be paid through      A/c Payee Cheque / DD / PO (on the name of receiver only) to the Indian National      (split transactions are also not possible over Rs. 50,000) and in cash to foreign      national provided foreign passport with valid visa should be there as photo ID.
   Western Union does not allow payment collections to minors.
   Money can only be received in India from abroad and cannot be send from India      to abroad.
   A singly remittance should not exceed USD 2500 or its equivalent.

   All payments will be made in INR only.

 List of Valid IDs

   For Indian Nationals

       Valid Passport
       Driving License
       Voter ID
       Pan ID
       Ration Card (with Photograph)
       Government ID’s (only Presently Employed)
       In case of Tibetans, only Registration Certificate issued by Indian Govt.

   For Foreign Nationals

       Only valid passport with valid Indian visa is accepted.
       In case of Bhutan or Nepal, only Passport is accepted as visa is not required.
       No Green card or foreign driving License is accepted.

 List of Unacceptable IDs

       Student ID
       Bank passbook (Allowed for banks only)
       Learning License
       Gun License
       ID issued by any private firm or an organization.
       Nepal or Bhutan citizenship card
       Monastery ID’s issued to Tibetans

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